City Center on 6th, located at 3500 West 6th Street, is a three-story 165,000 square foot entertainment center providing retail shopping, an expansive food court as well as full service restaurants and entertainment for the rapidly developing Wilshire Center. With over 60 tenants, City Center on 6th features a sweeping skylight with broad axes which bring in plenty of natural light. In addition, two levels of subterranean parking and several street parking spaces provide convenient access for City Center patrons.

City Center on 6th is interconnected with the landmark, 34-story Equitable Plaza building. Over 300 tenants and 2,500 employees work at Equitable Plaza, a major center for business in Los Angeles. City Center has a shared parking plan to utilize Equitable Plaza's parking on nights and weekends.

Located less than 1,000 feet from the sleek, state-of-the-art L.A. Metro Purple Line, Red Line, and Metro Bus Rapid Transit, City Center can be
reached without ever stepping into a car. Moreover, City Center is within walking distance from approximately 2000 luxury residential development units and will attract business from two new schools built at the former Ambassador Hotel and at the corner of 6th and Vermont.

In addition to providing mainstream retail for the thousands of people who live in the surrounding developments and work at the many banks, law firms and businesses on Wilshire Blvd, City Center on 6th serves as a safe and central meeting place for people to eat, shop, relax, and have fun.